GTA V Confirmed on PC: Fact or Fiction?

GTA V confirmed on PC? But Rockstar haven't said anything. Is this fact or fiction?

GTA V and PC…or maybe not.

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GTA V and PC have been getting along as well as fire does with water, or ice with fire; they put each other out, but also would love to help each other.

With this in mind, when I read that GTA V for PC had been confirmed, I was not only shocked, but skeptical at the same time. This came after my mini jump for joy, and a slight heart flutter (no this was not a mini heart attack, I am still breathing and alive thank you very much).

Has anyone else heard similar stories? Does anyone know anything about GTA V being on PC aside from the “it may”?

This seems like a work of fiction to me, looking at the dates for the rest of the world.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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