GTA V First Person for Next Gen

First Person view in GTA V

Doesn’t everyone secretly want to be a robber or have fantasies of commiting such acts? Now it’ll be easier to get into that fantasy with GTA V in First Person coming on Xbox One and PS4 in November. PC players have to wait till next year, sorry guys.

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GTA 5 in First Person a whole different precepective is being added to the game from the old used-up 3rd person view which has been in all of the other GTAs from San Andreas to GTA V on Xbox 360 or PS3. But, now we can experience the game from the eyes of your own character from GTA offline to GTA Online the choice is your’s how you want to set up your camera angles if you rather 3rd person in vehicles or 3rd person in cover which is gonna be useful for most but over powered as well being able to use 3rd person in combat situations that happen around Los Santos.

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