GTA V for PC Leaked by Amazon UK?

GTA V for PC leaked?

GTA V for PC leaked?

While I was doing my mandatory GTA V for PC searching for the week, I came across this Grand Theft Auto 5 Amazon PC DVD listing (was working at time of post).

Has Amazon UK just accidentally confirmed GTA V for PC, or are they being teases? Do they have inside information, or have they just made a (GTA V map size) mistake?

What do you think?

The noise for GTA V on PC isn’t the loudest, well since the Gameplay trailer, but there are many petitions for it to come to PC. One of them is here, please sign it if you want. It currently (at time of posting) has around 300,000 signatures, and only needs around 12,000 more.

Rockstar has posted a job listing (which is now taken down) for a programmer to port Rockstar’s latest games to next generation consoles and PC, so does this mean Red Dead Redemption will see a port too?

I don’t think it would be a good idea, the game is now too old.

GTA V will be Rockstar’s latest entry into the GTA franchise. It’s set for a September 17th release date on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

I for one am interested to see what will happen next. What about you? Comment below.

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