GTA V Hits 33 Million Units Shipped

33 Million copies of Grand Theft Auto V have been shipped. I could buy so many chicken nuggets with that kind of money.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Take Two reports that 33 million copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 have been shipped since its launch. Holy cow that’s a big number! This does not include digital sales either. The game released in September of 2013. On its first day 12 million copies were sold, making it the fastest selling game of all time.

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GTA V falls behind just a few games such as Mario Kart Wii, Pokémon Red/Green/Blue, Super Mario Brothers (NES), and Wii Sports on the top-selling games of all time. 

What is it about the Grand Theft Auto series that inspires so many people to get the game? Is it word of mouth, news attention, innovation, or beating people on the side of the street? All of these things and more are heavy contributors.

Multiple reviews by game bloggers heavily praise the open-world experience of GTA V. Not only is the game one big level, but if you see something, you can go do it. 

Yesterday for instance, I was challenged to a running race along the beach by a jogger. Afterwards, I found a Coney Island-esque wharf carnival, so I rode the Ferris Wheel and roller coaster. Because it was there, and I could. – Michael Irving, Freelance Writer

The series has always brought innovation as well. GTA III was one of the first games to create a 3D open world. Freedom to do whatever you want in a video game was a new idea and it paid off well. 

I think the reason the GTA series is so popular is because the open-world design allows players a lot of freedom to explore and be creative on their own, without necessarily having to stick to the game’s main story or side missions. – Tim Norman, Rocket Chainsaw

Many people are hoping for a PC version, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ported the game to the PS4 and Xbox One. What do you think? Will Grand Theft Auto V continue to sell like crazy? 

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