GTA V is set to break UK Record in sales!

GTA V set to break UK records; gamers wait in excited anticipation

GTA V set to break UK records; gamers wait in excited anticipation
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With 3 Million copies already pre-ordered, the UK is set to break records with GTA V.  
Rockstar is getting prepared for an amazing release day with a record-breaking number of copies being set aside for the game’s launch. 
It’s been said that the game’s publisher will allocate three million copies for the UK alone thus far, making it fair game to outsell the fastest selling game in the UK ever: Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

The stats for Activision’s popular shooter are as thus: The game sold 1.4 million units in a single day in the UK – a feat which has not been beaten by anyone, even by Call Of Duty Games that have come after the original Black Ops. 

Grand Theft Auto: IV sold 630,000 copies in 2008, on its first day of release to gamers – a number which represented about a quarter or so of PS3 and Xbox 360 owners in the UK.

Latest records show the PS3 and Xbox 360 installed base in the UK is now around thirteen million units, which is a big jump from the previous number-meaning that the GTA V launch day number amounts to about a fifth of total consoles sold. That’s some serious numbers. Gamers in the UK and all over continue to wait in anticipation for the games release. 

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