Like in all good sports games, RIGS has a full-fledged singleplayer mode too.

Guerilla Games’ New VR Title RIGS is More than Multiplayer

Like in all good sports games, RIGS has a full-fledged singleplayer mode too.
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Guerilla Games has a lot of momentum behind its latest PlayStation 4 exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn. However, Guerilla Games Cambridge has a new game as well, arriving much sooner than its big brother’s robot dinosaur fantasy. 

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RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is essentially a VR arena shooter meant to capture the thrill of futuristic sports, where teams of 3-on-3 go at it in all-out mech warfare. The game, exclusive to PlayStation VR, has been promoted as a multiplayer experience. While that is true, the latest trailer also states there is an entire singleplayer experience as well. 

This singleplayer is actually a season mode, where you and 2 other AI pilots form a team in the Mechanized Combat League. As you progress through the ranks, you’re able to swap out teammates and improve your team over time.

The real hook, however, is that all the progression systems in single and multiplayer feed back into each other. So, either way you earn your points to purchase news rigs. While they aren’t customizable, Guerilla Games Cambridge says that the rigs are meant to be unique in their own rights, having distinct feels from one another. 

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League will be available exclusively for the PlayStation VR, October 13th.

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