Guild Wars 2 Announces Date of New Living Story Season

Guild Wars 2 kicks up its living story again on July 24th
This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

Season 3 of the Guild Wars 2 Living Story will be starting up come July 26th.

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The idea behind Guild Wars‘s seasonal content is to constantly provide players with new avenues of playing the game, constantly progressing the story of Tyria in between large expansions. These stories are willing and able to shake up the state of the game, where even if you’re largely ignoring it, the story’s going to barge into your playthrough. Take for example when the living story led to the destruction of major hub city Lion’s Arch.

We don’t have details on what the third season of the living story will be like. Though with several major characters now dead, I imagine a bit of it will be dedicated to mourning them, and finding out who their replacements are.

The Living Story is intended for level 80 characters. If you don’t have a level 80, don’t worry — if you buy the Heart of Thorns expansion you get a free boost to max level for one character. Half the fun in Guild Wars 2 is the progression to reaching level 80, but at least you won’t miss out while leveling up another character. 

More information can be found on the news page for the third season announcement.

Did you enjoy the previous living seasons? Still on board with the Guild Wars storyline, or did you abandon ship? Let me know your stance in the comments below.

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