Guild Wars 2: Berserker class reveal

Guild Wars 2 Reveals information on the new Berserker Class

Guild Wars 2 Reveals information on the new Berserker Class

Guild Wars 2 has revealed information on the upcoming class Berserker. Berserker is the elite specilization for the warrior class in Guild Wars 2. With the Berserker, players can tap into their primal blood lust and rage to utilize brand new burst skills.

Time to get Angry!

The Berserker can trigger a berserk mode after building up enough adrenaline. While in berserk mode, players have a shortened adrenaline bar, but also gain the ability to use the “Primal Burst Skills” which are only available to the Berserker in berserk mode.

These primal burst skills have a shortened recast time which allows the Berserker to use the skills more frequently along with the shortened adrenaline bar.

Light it up!

Now, usually when one sees a Berserker class, the main weapon will usually be a large powerful weapon that symbolizes strength. However, Guild Wars 2 Berserker tends to focus on making use of the destructive properties of the torch.

Players will be able to utilize a variety of powerful fire-based skills such as Blaze Breaker or Flames of War. Blaze Breaker is a skill that rains fire rocks down on foes, while Flames of War allows you to turn yourself in a mobile field of fire. 

Give into the Rage

Berserker has a set of Utility skills that are rage-oriented. These skills are strength based much like the Warrior’s physical based skills, however, these skills have a bonus effect of supplying adrenaline.

By mixing rage skills into your pool of normal skills, you can effectively make use of berserking. These skills will allow you to go berserk more often as well as fire off primal burst skills more frequently. 

Become Unstoppable

The Berserker is a class that specializes into being unstoppable. It has different kinds of traits that can be augmented. These traits allow players to special in three different aspects of the Berserker. One trait focuses on brawling and the triggering of the berserk skill. Another trait revolves around causing more damage with the condition of flames. The last trait focuses on survivability by supplying the Berseker with stun break skills and healing abilities. 

If you want more information on the Berserker class, check out the live stream on the Guild Wars 2 Official Twitch Channel, on Friday at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7).

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