Guild Wars 2 Daily Slay: Troll Slayer

The fastest selling MMO of all time is not about to die.

The fastest selling MMO of all time is not about to die.

Today, I was trying to complete my Troll Slayer achievement in The Verdant of Caledon Forest when my mom walked up behind me. I was having an easy time because those enemies are only level three when my mom asked if I wanted to hear a Guild Wars story. I haven’t completed my troll achievement yet (because five hundred is just a lot of trolls), but I did hear the end of the story. My mom was playing when somebody said in guild chat that they thought the game was dying and everyone would be gone by this time next year. This is not a new sentiment. I heard it for years in Guild Wars and rarely had problems finding groups.

I’m just surprised it has already started after just nine months of Guild Wars 2. I’m not sure if people are honestly afraid that Guild Wars 2 is a World of Warcraft killer and that Battlefield 4 will destroy Guild Wars 2 or if they are just trolling, but it seems unlikely a new game will ever totally replace another game because of my mother’s response. She told the person, “I’ll still be here,” and multiple guild members agreed. Games get loyal fans, like my mother and I, who just can’t quit until we’ve slayed five hundred trolls.

It was a funny day to have this conversation with the pessimistic player. That’s because today MMORPG, Massively, and Guild Wars 2 Hub reported that Guild Wars 2 is the fastest selling MMO of all time based on its first nine months. DFC Intelligence and ArenaNet could have somehow skewed the data so it would come out that way, but reading the press report is it is certainly true that there have been more than three million copies sold so far and there will be many more purchases once the game launches in China. I don’t plan to be playing in a dead world anytime soon. I plan on continuing through the Living World and slaying any trolls who don’t think I will be able to.

There will be a trial of Guild Wars 2 from Fri. Aug. 23 (12:01am PDT) through Sun. Aug. 25. (11:59pm PDT) if any of you have friends you want to show the game to. If more people play it will be more fun, but we really don’t need them. When I die I usually get resurrected by a stranger. When I want to do a dungeon I usually can find a group. I love having other players around, but only if they really want to play the game.

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