Guild Wars 2 Living Story Update: Tequatl Rising

The newly announced Tequatl event promises to be mega challenging

The newly announced Tequatl event promises to be mega challenging

During the PAX Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Bash Livestream, not only was the Super Adventure Box previewed, but Arenanet allowed 180 players to try the next living story step called Tequatl Rising. Many players have already fought the giant dragon minion called Tequatl in Sparkfly Fen, but the release on September 17th will revamp the event to make it way more challenging with new mechanics and higher expectations.


The Mechanics

Tequatl has always shot out undead fingers, but those fingers weren’t always covered in poison. He always could be harmed by hylek guns, but those are going to be more powerful. In short, the entire fight will be more epic.

The megalaser will be more mega and the whole thing will be strewn with more bone walls than you can imagine. The shockwave that Tequatl causes when he moves will be new to all players. The scale of the event will be upped, too. It will now take at least 100 high-level players (or dev hacks) to beat the nasty dragon. Tequatl’s poison breath and minions will probably take down a lot of heroes in the coming weeks who underestimate his power, but for those who are prepared the difficulty might just be fun.


How Will We Handle?

I’m not sure if we’ll be able to defeat Zhaitan’s lieutenant every time, but the new looking for group tool along with the experience of our commanders should help players organize enough to down Tequatl. In this case, the challenge might be fun. We’ve had zerg-to-zerg events (Scarlet’s invasion), solo events (Queen’s gauntlet), and jumping puzzles (Super Adventure Box) recently so I think a coordinated effort event is in store. I think this is the right update at the right time and that players will come up with strategies to easily sown Tequatl. I’m super excited to play and I think you should be too.

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