Guild Wars 2 Plans For Rest of 2013 (Part 1)

The rest of 2013 looks interesting for Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

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A few days ago the crew behind Guild Wars 2 decided to issue a statement relating to their plans for the rest of the year. There were all kinds of goodies in this message including an expanded crafting tier, updates to legendary weapons, and new ways to advance your characters. I wanted to take a moment to touch on these subjects.

Crafting to 500

In the current system the cap on crafting skills is 400. The plans call for this to be expanded to 500. There are new recipes to be added as well, including the ability to craft the precursor items necessary for legendary weapons. There are also new crafting materials earned via completing content within the various categories of gameplay; WvW and Living World, for example. The other exciting news related to crafting is the inclusion of craftable ascended weapons and armor.

Legendary Weapons

Perhaps the most exciting news announced was related to legendary weapons. When not in combat, you will be able to adjust what stats are on the weapon. That’s right, you get to pick what stats you want, on the fly. Take a look at what this one legendary bow already does.


It seems that Guild Wars 2 players will be receiving additional skills and traits. What the announcement does not say is how exactly this will be implemented. Will our traits go from 30 point max to 40 point max? Will the progression not be based on skill points at all? I lean towards the expansion from 30 to 40 points since there was so much talk of skill points in the original thread.

With the changes coming to legendary weapons, will you strive harder to achieve one now?

How do you think the advancement of characters should take place?

What will the new crafting materials be? Do you think they will add Adamantium Ore to GW2?

Part 2

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