Guild Wars 2 Plans For Rest of 2013 (Part 2)

The rest of 2013 looks interesting for Guild Wars 2

The rest of 2013 looks interesting for Guild Wars 2

Continuing On..

In Part 1 of this post I touched base on a few announcements from the dev team of Guild Wars 2. The post from the team was so full of good things I had to come back for more. With that in mind I will be talking about the new rewards, account magic find, salvaging, and an LFG tool.

Reward Me

There are some new rewards coming to the game. One of these new reward systems will be for defeating champion level enemies. Players who defeat a champion enemy will be guaranteed a loot box containing one or more of the following items: crafting materials, skill points, unique skins, lodestones, and more. 

Dungeon completion rewards are also slated to be brought into the game. The idea is to give bonus gold for each path you complete on a daily basis. The way it works is you can do the same dungeon more than once and still receive the bonus gold as long as you take a different path through the dungeon each time you complete it. The catch here is the amount of gold you receive depends on how long the path you take is, and the level of difficulty. This means some paths will yield higher amounts of gold than others.

Account Magic Find

As it currently stands, Magic Find is a stat that can be on items you wear, as well as the food and potions you ingest. The plan for the future of this stat is quite simple: remove it from wearables and change it into an account achievement. As you progress through the account achievements your Magic Find stat will increase for all of your characters. I personally love this idea; probably because I do not own any of the gear currently. The dev team has yet to announce how the current gear will be changed when this is implemented.


Each time you loot a fallen enemy’s corpse you have a chance to loot blue, and green, equipment. Right now those items mostly get sold to a vendor. Along with the Magic Find changes to the game there will also come a change to salvaging blues and greens. When you salvage these items you will have a chance to acquire consumables that will increase this stat. Accordingly, I have linked a Mystic Forge recipe you might be interested in.

LFG. Anyone?

Ah, yes. This is what I have been waiting for. For me this is very exciting: the announcement of a Looking For Group tool. The exact details have not been laid out, however it can be accurately speculated that this tool would allow someone to click a few buttons and enter a dungeon, or fractal. Perhaps the tool will even allow someone to find like-minded individuals to start a meta-boss event, or stage a multi-temple demolishing run. I want this yesterday!

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