Guild Wars 2 Update: The Secret of Southsun

Guild Wars 2 update hits May 14th with new Living Story, minigame, and WvW changes.

Guild Wars 2 update hits May 14th with new Living Story, minigame, and WvW changes.

Trouble is brewing on the tropical island of Southsun Cove.

Guild Wars 2 is set to release The Secret of Southsun on May 14th. In the upcoming installment of GW2’s “Living Story,” you travel to Southsun with Lionguard Inspector Kiel to quell the violence of new settlers on the verge of rioting, and investigate the mystery of what is driving the local wildlife to new heights of aggression.

The update will include new content not restricted to the Kiel partnership and a new instanced “Crab Toss!” minigame where players score points by capturing hermit crabs and fighting off karka. This tickled my fancy for a moment or two (fond memories of shooting the little scuttling crabs on the beach in Tomb Raider came back to me) before I realized this was pretty much what I did when I first played the game and ran around the first open world area—except now for points. Oh. Okay. I hope beach outfits are a go.

Some new changes for WvW were also announced. Traps and Tricks Outfitters can now be found on each WvW map, where players can purchase anti-stealth and enemy supply-removing traps. This only the beginning, because the GW2 site teases that “in the months ahead [they]’ll introduce even more ways to spread mayhem in the Mists!”

Now I haven’t played much and for quite a while, but I do have to say that GW2’s continual content rollouts impress me with their desire to actively do something constantly in order to retain players and maintain interest (unlike, say, SWTOR). 

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