Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN Officially Coming To North America

Arksys will localize and publish Arc System Works latest Guilty Gear title in North America for PS3 and PS4.
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IGN today confirmed that Arc System Works latest game Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN will be coming to North American PS3 and PS4 systems. The latest entry into the long running fighting game franchise, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN is set in the crazy far off year of 2187 and will feature 15 playable characters including series favorites like Sol Badguy, I-No, and Millia Rage.

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The Guilty Gear series began in 1998 and is well-known for its beautiful anime visuals and awesome metal soundtracks. All early indications show that Xrd SIGN will follow in the footsteps of previous games, even while going to a 2.5D visual style instead of the previous sprite based games.

Arc System Works has even brought back long-time series composer Daisuke Ishiwatari to make sure the soundtrack remains a metal lover’s fantasy. If the theme song for the Arcade Version Opening (shown above) is any indication, fans will have nothing to worry about.

Though no release date is set, IGN says Guilty Gear fans will be able to play the newest game sometime this fall. I hope you can handle the tension.

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