H1Z1 update adds female zombies and a hospital

H1Z1's terrifying edition to the game is great!

H1Z1, developed by Daybreak Game Company LLC, just released a new game update, and this one is not pretty. Well, she is not pretty. Yes, the zombie game now has a female model, and she will have you running in terror.

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Along with this new zombie release, a whole new building has also been added. That building is a hospital – and if you’ve seen The Walking Dead, you know that hospitals are no joke.

The hospital comes with many levels and tons of zombies, which means good loot. In an earlier live stream with the developers, they mentioned there is a lock box somewhere on one of the floors. You can retrieve the keys for the lock box in the world. There is no mention of whether this lock box will have special loot in it, but it sure does sound like. Any loot is good loot, though, right?

Some new items are coming with this update, too. Among them are the long-awaited ghillie suits, tactical helmets, Kevlar armor, and an ATV. The ghillie suit will appear in the world with many different colors. For those who buy airdrops, it will appear in crates that have hunting rifles. Tactical helmets will block 95% of gunfire to the head only, and they will break after a couple of shots. Finally, Kevlar armor is the highest grade armor for players wanting good torso protection. Though it isn’t mentioned how many shots it takes to break the armor, it can break. This armor will provide 95% of protection to the torso only.

If you want more information on changes in the game, like bug fixes, you can check out their Reddit page here.

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