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Hades 2 Early Access Release Date Details

We finally know when we'll be able to play Hades 2. The celebrations are only just beginning.

Hades 2, announced at the Game Awards 2022, finally has a release date window. Supergiant Games, the developers behind the game and other modern classics like Transistor, Bastion, and Pyre, haven’t set a firm date yet, sadly. However, we have a good idea when we can start playing the Early Access build of the game, and though it’s not quite as soon as anyone would hope for, with the silence finally broken, the countdown begins.

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Hades 2 Early Access Release Date Details

Image via Supergiant games

As stated in the official announcement, everyone will be able to play the in-progress build of Hades 2 and experience the start of MelinoΓ«’s story sometime in Q2 2024. No price point was shared just yet.

Like the original, it will be an Early Access product to start. The game might not be finished, but Supergiant has made it clear Hades 2 will be fully playable and filled with plenty of content even in these early stages.

Hades 2 will be available to start on Steam and the Epic Game Store, though it will eventually make its way to console platforms, likely sometime following the 1.0 release. We don’t know how much content will be available at EA launch, but expect something like 15-20 hours of roguelite fun to start. The story, character art, game balance, and many other aspects will be incomplete or otherwise rough around the edges. That is, of course, what the early access period is all about.

Community feedback was vital to the success of the original Hades, and Hades 2 will follow directly in its predecessor’s footsteps. Supergiant knows quite a bit more about how to actually run an early access campaign this time around, as well as how to curate and translate feedback. There will be significant updates along the way leading to 1.0, which will go a long way toward “adding the rest of the game’s core content and refining what’s there based on player feedback.”

The original Hades was probably my favorite game of 2020, and Supergiant Games somehow outdoes themselves with every release, so stay tuned to our Hades 2 hub for more news and tons of guides when the game comes to early access.

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