Halo 4 DLC: The Halo Champions Bundle

Halo Champions Bundle will be here August 20!

Halo Champions Bundle will be here August 20!
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343 Industries will be releasing a new DLC bundle (awesomely named the Halo Champions Bundle) in August for Halo 4. The pack contains new skins for weapons, armor sets, a new ball game mode called Ricochet, and two new maps.

The first new map included, Pitfall, is a remake of The Pit, a fan favorite from Halo 3. The other, Vertigo, will be set near a UNSC weather manipulation station.

You will also be able to purchase individual parts of the Halo Champions Bundle as their own DLC packs when it launches, if you don’t feel like purchasing the entire set. The Bullseye Pack will sell for $6 (480 MSP) and contain Ricochet, Pitfall and Vertigo, and a sports-themed armor set and has the biggest chunk content out of the three smaller packs

The Infinity Armor Pack will have the new armor sets, while the Steel Skin Pack will have all the weapon skins, but these smaller aesthetic DLC packs will only cost $3 (240 MSP).

The full Halo Champions Bundle is definitely saves you more money than purchasing these individually, but as an added bonus, whoever purchases the Bundle will receive access to 18 exclusive in-game items that are not included or sold as part of any other smaller DLC packs. Unfortunately, the Halo Champions Bundle and its contents will not be included as part of the Halo 4 Season Pass, so you will have to pay extra for all these goodies.

The Halo Champions Bundle, is scheduled to release on August 20th at $10 (800 MSP).

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