Halo: The Master Chief Collection is Too Big for Blu-Ray, Day One 20GB Update

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is too big for one box!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is too big for one box!

Halo developers 343 Industries recently announced that the Master Chief Collection had gone gold, which means it isn’t too long until the game hit’s the shelves. This wasn’t the only surprise 343 Industries had for this week, as they also revealed that the Master Chief Collection would also require a ‘day one’ 20GB update.

Apparently the game is simply too big to fit on a solo Blu-ray disc. “The game takes up almost all of the usable space of a single Blu-ray disc, or 45GB if you will, so a content update at launch will be released to include more features. It will be 20GB in size,” wrote executive producer Dan Ayoub in a post published on Halo Waypoint.

Day One Multiplayer Content Patch

The 20GB update is only for the multiplayer potions of the game, so fortunately you’ll be able to binge on the many single player missions while you wait to score your “first” multi-kills on the old Blood Gulch.

But even the combined 20GB update and 45GB Blu-ray disc couldn’t deliver all the updated Halo goodness 343 want to deliver. The episodic co-op game mode Spartan Ops from Halo 4 will see release in December, when all ten episodes will be made available at once.

The Master Chief Collection will be released on November the 11th in North America and Europe, with other territories receiving it a few days later. The game is currently available for digital pre-order via the Xbox store.   

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