Happy Birthday Wii U – What An Interesting Year

Today marks the anniversary of the Wii U. Time to celebrate with some great and bad moments over the past year.

Today we get to celebrate the first birthday of the North America’s launch of the Nintendo Wii U. There’s been good, bad, and ugly moments of the Wii U, and today I’m here to celebrate them with you.

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The Good

Since the release of the Wii U, many more games have hit the shelves than we would have ever expected. There’s been a remake of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker in HD that made some differences from the GameCube edition.  As well, we’ve seen a new edition of Super Smash Bros announced to hit shelves in 2014.

The Bad

Aside all of this good with new games and such, there’s also a bit bad that comes along with any console. It’s been told that, unfortunately, the Wii U won’t sell beyond 30 million, if it’s even able to sell that much. It’s a bit saddening that the console won’t sell beyond that measure, but also foreseeable.

The Ugly

With any console, there are gonna be bad moments that have hit the news, and the Wii U is no exception. The introduction of Wii Karaoke U has proven to be one of the uglier moments with the console and games. It’s well-known that the game featured uncensored content with profanity words in lyrics. This is pretty terrible, since the younger crowd is seen playing the Wii U.

In addition, there are more recent rumors of a Wii U hardware malfunction involving overheating and a possible hardware downgrading. This is devastating for any console, especially when close to a year anniversary of launch.

I would say we’ve had a very interesting year with the Wii U, and I can’t see what will form in the years to come. All I know is that, the Wii U isn’t done yet with improvements and games, so we can expect much more!

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