A job posting from Harebrained Schemes reveals that the developer is working on a "horror project" and perhaps something more.

Harebrained Schemes Working on Horror Game, Possibly More

A job posting from Harebrained Schemes reveals that the developer is working on a "horror project" and perhaps something more.

Fans wondering what’s coming from Harebrained Schemes after Battletech caught a small glimpse of what the studio has in store through a Facebook post today.

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The social media link goes to the developer’s careers page, where they’ve put out a call for new team members. Open positions include Game Designer  Mission Design, Game Designer — Systems, Lead Game Designer, Narrative Designer/Writer, and Art Director.

Curiously, only the positions for Lead Game Designer and Art Director specify the new game as a “horror project.” The other positions simply mention a “new project.” It’s unclear if the “new project” and “horror project” refer to the same game or if Harebrained is working on two separate titles. 

The original Facebook post is already filled with comments from fans hoping for a new Shadowrun entry, although it appears Harebrained will give us something else entirely with at least one of the current projects. 

We don’t know yet whether this will be a brand new IP or a horror game in an existing universe. The Latest Shadowrun entry, Hong Kong, certainly featured elements of horror towards the end, like a demon goddess who infested the city’s inhabitants with nightmares of a fleshy landscape covered in teeth.

Harebrained Schemes has consistently followed a pattern of releasing a non-related game between major entries, however, with the offbeat roguelike Necropolis following Shadowrun Hong Kong and the board game/mobile app hybrid Golem Arcana released after Shadowrun Dragonfall.

The developer most recently released the Heavy Metal expansion for turn-based mech combat game Battletech last month.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on the next game(s) from Harebrained Schemes as it breaks. 

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