Has a PS4 wireless adapter for PC been confirmed?

Sony's recent patents hint at a new controller along with a new controller accessory.

With the Xbox One Elite controller recently surpassing one million units sold, it is a surprise that Sony hasn’t tried to create an ‘elite’ version of the DualShock 4. According to a patent filed last month, it looks like Sony may be interested in creating just such an an upgraded DualShock 4 controller after all.

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The patent for the upgraded controller shows a few changes from the DualShock 4 controller that fans are used to. The first change is the placement of the analog sticks, which switched places with the physical buttons. The next change is the size of the touchpad at the top. It seems that this touchpad will be thinner and longer compared to the original. The button directly underneath the touchpad seems to be the PlayStation button that brings up the PlayStation 4 dashboard. The button below that is the share button that was found on the side of the touchpad on the original controller. It allows you to save screenshots and broadcast your game.

When looking at from the backside, we can see the addition of inside panels that similar to those found on the Xbox Elite controllers. 

Another patent that was filed by Sony recently was one for a wireless adapter.

We can assume that the wireless adapter will allow gamers to use their DualShock 4 controller on their PC or Mac for desktop gaming. This is similar to what the Xbox One controllers have.

The patents don’t necessarily mean that these products will get made but it’s possible the sales of the Xbox One Elite controller convinced Sony that there are fans that are interested in a upgraded controller. Time will tell before we see any more information about these patents. 

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