Head to the Maji Market with Palia’s First Event

Palia's very first in game event is coming soon.

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Singularity 6 has announced the next update coming to Palia, Maji Market, the game’s first event. If you’ve chatted with Sifuu you may have had an inkling this was coming from her mentioning what she should bring, but now it’s confirmed. It kicks off August 29 and lasts until September 26 at the new area, the Kilima Village Fairgrounds. Here’s what we know the Maji Market will bring to Palia.

Maji Market takes place in the reopened fairgrounds, south of the entrance to Bahari Bay. If you’re like me you’ve probably gone up Whispering Banks and found yourself at a dead end instead of loading into the other area. That’s where the Kilima Village Fairgrounds are. You can visit at any time of day once the event starts, but this is a night market. Festivities occur between 6 p.m. until 3 a.m. Palian time, not real time.

Checking it out between those hours means you get to try a variety of foods, listen to music, try out the drum, and watch Najuma’s fireworks show. You can even participate in Chapaa Chase, where the little critters have donned the cutest hats.

Image via Singularity 6

Along with the different activities, there are over 50 new items you can get.

  • Chapaa Ice Pops
  • New Chapaa Plushies
  • Dragon Plushie
  • Phoenix Plushie
  • Chapaa Mugs
  • Ormuu Mugs
  • and more!

Maybe there will be new recipes to earn, whether for Cooking or Furniture Making. If that’s not enough for you, during this in game event, Singularity 6 will continue the celebration out of game. They’ll be sharing the new music, development behind the scenes, and perhaps some goodies to claim. You can check out the official blog post announcing Maji Market for all the details.

I know I can’t wait for the Maji Market. I was hoping that some of the events mentioned by villagers, like the different Blue Ribbon fairs Delaila competes in, would be coming to Palia for players to experience and I haven’t been disappointed. Here’s hoping more of those are set to release in the future. For now, I’m just planning on stuff my characters face with all sorts of foods and getting as many plushies as I can carry.

Maji Market is the first, but certainly won’t be the last, event for Palia. Make sure to log in at least once between August 29 and September 26 to check out the fairgrounds, experience the celebration, and maybe catch a Chapaa or two. Until then, you can head to our Palia guide library if you need help with quests, want to know where to find a certain fish, or how to romance that special villager.

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