Heads up: The Division is coming to a platform near you in two weeks!

Ready to take back the streets of New York? Better be. You're running out of time

Ready to take back the streets of New York? Better be. You're running out of time

It’s almost time folks! The Division will be coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in just over two weeks time — the 8th of March to be exact.

In The Division, you play as an agent of the Strategic Homeland Division (The Division in short), a specially trained agent who is tasked with rebuilding society in the event it falls. And, it does fall following a devastating pandemic on Black Friday in New York. 

The game itself can be described as a third-person, cover-based shooter based in an online open world. The world you find yourself in will be persistent and ever-changing. Carefully utilizing the environments in battle will mean the difference between life and death.

There is an open beta going on that will let you can try out the game for yourself. You need to hurry, since it will be ending on the 22nd of February, 4 am PST. 

You will face what’s left behind in the wake of a crumbled society. Everything from the common thug to other Division agents could be looking to kill you.  

You will be able to explore the cold streets of New York, collect gear and customize your agent, earn experience points and level up to discover new talents and perks, earn in-game currency to unlock new weaponry and equipment, and so much more. Try to figure out just where the pandemic originated, why it happened, and how you can restore order amidst the chaos. 

Will you rise as society falls? 

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