Hearthstone World Championship begins

Hearthstone World championship details

Hearthstone World championship details
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Get ready Hearthstone players: Blizzard announced their world championship. The event will have a $1 million prize pool, which is a large increase from the previous pool of $250,000. 

The epic tournament will consist of the top 16 players from across the world. The top 16 will be determined through three season championships as well as one Last call Championship. The season championships will take place in America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. These championships will also have a $100,000 prize pool up for grabs.

You can be selected by taking part in Rank Play sessions as well onsite and online qualifying tournaments. 

The long series of events and tournaments will begin during Dreamhack Winter 2015 which is on November 26-29.Rank matches will start up in December. The World Championship is said to take place sometime during November in 2016.

Are you up to the challenge? Will you be ready to take on the many players of Hearthstone and aim for the prize of $1 million? Then get ready to fight your way to the top!

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