Heavenly Sword Movie: Another Clue That a Sequel is Coming?

Does a new trailer for the upcoming movie prove that Heavenly Sword will return...?
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Heavenly Sword was one of the first great games for the PlayStation 3. Ever since its launch, fans have pined for a sequel.

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Might they finally see one on the new PS4? Does a new movie trailer hint at that possibility?

In association with Sony Worldwide Studios, Blockade Entertainment plans to deliver a beautiful Heavenly Sword movie adaptation to the big screen. You can check out the exclusive trailer at IGN. It’s just plain sweet, from start to finish.

The trailer boasts familiar characters, such as the evil King Bohan, the helpful albeit quirky Kai, and of course, the heroine. Nariko takes center-stage and actress Anna Torv (Fringe) returns to lend her voice to the flame-haired main character. The multi-talented Andy Serkis (he was Gollum’s voice in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, for example) voiced Bohan in the game, but he’ll be replaced by Alfred Molina in the film. Molina is plenty accomplished, though.

So, here’s the million-dollar question: Is this movie a clue that Sony will finally bring us an anticipated sequel?

Heavenly Sword 2 for PS4 would be… well, heavenly

People forget that the original title was well ahead of its time, especially in regards to the technical elements. It also became one of the most respected and revered games of the PS3 generation. To have the sequel usher in a new era on the PS4 would be a huge boost for Sony, in my opinion.

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