Helldivers: democracy strikes back expansion available today

Are you ready to bring democracy to the enemy strongholds?

Are you ready to bring democracy to the enemy strongholds?

Arrowhead’s Helldivers is getting a new free expansion today. In an article post on PlayStation blog, Malin Hedstrom, Co-Founder of Arrowhead Game Studios, announced the new free expansion for Helldivers called Democracy Strikes Back.

This expansion adds the new retaliatory strike mission. This mission allows players to drop down into an enemy stronghold and “liberate” it by enduring “wave after wave of enemies.” This expansion will also raise the level cap up to 50.

New reinforcements DLC will also be released, along side this update. These reinforcements are the Terrain Specialist and the Precision Expert. The Terrain Specialist pack comes with the all terrain perk, making it easier to traverse through any terrain, and the missile barrage stratagem, giving players access to a deadly missile salvo to deploy. 

The Precision Expert pack comes with the precision call perk, letting players call in stratagems faster, and the precision artillery strike stratagem, an artillery strike with homing rounds.

This is the third expansion Arrowhead has released for Helldivers, the first two being Turning Up the Heat and Masters of the Galaxy 

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