No Man's Sky's huge open-world provides many strategies to tackle the journey to the center of the galaxy.

Hello Games and IGN discuss No Man’s Sky’s finer details

No Man's Sky's huge open-world provides many strategies to tackle the journey to the center of the galaxy.
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Alex Wiltshire from Hello Games joined with IGN last month to show bits of No Man’s Sky through gameplay videos and a list of neato game facts. Alex cleared up some technical questions about No Man’s Sky‘s procedural rendering implications as well as some game play strategies for how to tackle the long journey.

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There are no cutscenes or characters, but there is a big objective: getting to the center of the universe. We don’t want to tell you a story, we want you to tell your own. No Man’s Sky is about your journey.

Take any approach to making money, mining, and traveling your way across the galaxy. You may only have one ship, but trading is allowed. Different ships work for different styles: cargo for traders or scavengers, fighters for space pirates, and speed (or jetpacks) for explorers.

Mining and money will be essential for advancement: radioactive and toxic planets need suit upgrades, harsh space travel will take a toll on your ship, and better weapons aid in mining. 

Money, or units, come from trading what you mine or have scavenged from space debris. Although, too much mining (or harm to animals) will result in a wanted level and conflict with the sentinels that guard some of the planets.

Pick your battles carefully because dying in No Man’s Sky is possible and will leave you without a hyperdrive to fly with.

Because of the procedural rendering, this huge sandbox can quickly process complex animal behavior and varied environments for a rich experience. Everything seen in-game is a real place to visit, discover, and share in the database, “The Atlas.”  And there is a filter for names, so don’t get too excited about naming anything Planet [InsertDirtyWordHere]Land. 

Whatever your play style is, you have plenty of time to form a strategy. No Man’s Sky does not yet have a release date. 

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