Hero-U, New Title from Creators of Quest for Glory, Launches Second Kickstarter

Creators of Quest for Glory Kickstart new adventure RPG.

Creators of Quest for Glory Kickstart new adventure RPG.

Lori Ann and Corey Cole, the development duo responsible for the adventure/role-playing series Quest for Glory, have launched the second Kickstarter for their newest title: Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. This Kickstarter comes as an addendum to the successful $400,000 fundraiser run during October 2012.

Hero-U stars Shawn O’Connor, a young thief from the streets given the opportunity to attend the mysterious Hero-University, where danger and opportunity stalk the halls hand in hand. Like its predecessors, the game combines challenging adventure with immersive roleplay, seasoned with more than a dash of zany humor to create an open-ended story. Choice matters – even the most simple response in a conversation can affect the way your character is perceived within the game world.Passing on the Torch

It is no coincidence that Hero-U evokes so many memories of the popular Quest for Glory series. “Hero-U is our spiritual successor to Quest for Glory,” writes Corey Cole in the latest Kickstarter update. “We are using modern technology to create even stronger stories, with more meaningful choices. These games are our response to fans who asked for more games like Quest for Glory.” 

With its retro-style graphics and zany humor, Hero-U provides a clear callback to what many see as the game series that defined the adventure/role-playing genre.

Having reached over 65% of the current goal of $100,000 with 19 days remaining in the Kickstarter, Hero-U stands likely to meet its goal and perhaps even exceed it. Offering packages including beta access, posters, keychains, and plush Meeps, there are plenty of options for potential backers to consider before deciding how much to donate in support of the game.

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, recently greenlit on Steam, is expected for release in March of 2016. The Kickstarter for Hero-U will run until June 16, 2015.

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