Heroes and Villains – City of Heroes Spiritual Successor Releases Teaser

A glimpse of light appears for ex-City of Heroes players!

A glimpse of light appears for ex-City of Heroes players!

Heroes and Villains, aims to fill the void the now-defunct City of Heroes left in the hearts of comic book fans looking for a place to call home. While there is not much to be publicly seen for the hard work Plan Z studios has put into the game so far (as demonstrated on the official site), a new teaser screenshot and trailer have been released to give ex-City of Heroes players something to look forward to.

The Heroes and Villains team hopes to give prior City of Heroes players a game to play without feeling pressured, much like CoH‘s previous in-game environment that more resembled a theme park than an MMO.

The City of Heroes fanbase was one of the last true communities in the MMORPG space, which is what made the game’s closure so striking. Tearful goodbyes and heartfelt stories filled the forums pre-closure. It was a sight to behold — the heart and feeling the players poured onto the forums in the game’s last month was enough to bring a tear to the eye of even the most seasoned MMO player.

Its closure was a dark blotch on the MMO scape.

Heroes and Villiains is aiming for a community focus, and hopes to give players something to accomplish even in short amounts of time. The majority of the City of Heroes playerbase was indeed more focused on social interaction in-game than anything else, and it’s refreshing to see the team behind HaV attempt to retain that focus.

The official site has had an update every Friday for months. If you’re so inclined to see what’s going on with development, be sure to head over there and see what the development team is tackling next. The game’s first screenshot can be seen on the official Facebook page.

[Edit: I made made a mistake in the original article, confusing The Phoenix Project and Heroes and Villains. I would like to apologize to both Missing Worlds Media and Plan Z studios for this mistake. It certainly wasn’t intentional! It just proves I may just be an idiot.]

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