Heroes of the Storm – Battle Ground List with Details

All we know about the Heroes of the Storm battlegrounds so far.

All we know about the Heroes of the Storm battlegrounds so far.

Blizzard’s answer to the MOBA genre, Heroes of the Storm, has four different Battle Grounds for players to choose from, each with its own special side objective that, if accomplished, turns the tables in their favor.

The Difference Between Maps and Battle Grounds

Blizzard is really emphasizing that Heroes of the Storm maps are not maps at all, but instead Battle Grounds. The difference between a map and a Battle Ground seems to be that Heroes of the Storm Battle Grounds have gimmicks to them.

Instead of a map just being x amount of lanes, a Heroes of the Storm Battle Ground has a side objective that, if completed, will make it much easier for the team that accomplished the goal to win. This can be anything from a Ghost Ship bombarding the enemy towers to a curse being placed on the enemy team.

Basics of Each Map
  • 2 or 3 Lanes
  • 4 or 6 Forts
  • Forts are either turrets, gates, or healing wells
  • Gates can prevent enemies from coming into your base until they are destroyed
  • Capturable watch towers that grant vision in the field
  • Enemy creep camps: siege giant, knight, and boss grave golems
  • Defeat creep camps to capture them and bring them on as mercenaries or to harvest objective materials from them

Blackheart Bay
  • Collect gold coins to give to Captain Blackheart
  • When Blackheart receives 10 gold coins, his Ghost Ship will bombard enemy structures for a limited time
  • Players drop their coins when killed
  • Neutral enemy camps are pirate themed
  • 3 Lanes
  • 6 Forts
  • 2 Watch Towers
  • 3 Creep Camps (2 siege giant and 1 grave golem)

Cursed Hollow
  • Capture tributes (last image above) for the Raven Lord
  • If your team captures 3 tributes, the enemy team gets cursed by the Raven Lord
  • The curse makes the other team’s minions’ HP go to 1 and their towers unable to fire at you for a limited time
  • After the curse ends, tributes are once again capturable
  • Team fights are likely to happen early when capturing tributes
  • 2 Lanes
  • 4 Forts
  • Unknown Watch Tower
  • Unknown Creep Camps (2 siege giants at least)

Dragon Shire
  • Players must capture altars
  • If a player captures both, they can turn into the Dragon Knight
  • Dragon Knight is a much more powerful player character
  • No other information has been released

Haunted Mines
  • Above ground area with lanes and player bases
  • Underground area with skeleton creeps
  • Skeleton creeps drop bones
  • Bones can be used to create bone golems
  • Mines will be breeding ground for team fights over skeletons
  • Collect 100 bones to make bone golem
  • Bone golem respawns wherever it died last
  • Players must choose between fighting enemy golem and using their own for offense
  • 2 Lanes
  • 4 Forts
  • 1 Watch Tower
  • 7 Creep Camps (4 siege giants, 2 knights, and 1 grave golem)

This is all the information that has been released for about Battle Grounds. This list will be updated as soon as we get more information on Heroes of the Storm.

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