Heroes of the Storm gets a new hero with the latest patch

Dynamic Bundles and a new hero. Check out HOTS' newest update!

Dynamic Bundles and a new hero. Check out HOTS' newest update!

There are a whole lot of neat inclusions with the newest patch to Heroes of the Storm. New heroes, dynamic bundles, and a lot more with the game’s newest update.

The brand new Support hero is Kharazim, the Monk from Diablo 3. He comes with a unique mechanic with the inclusion of optionable passive traits: Transcendence, Iron Fists, and Insight. It’s ultimately your choice what trait you give this new hero. The Monk’s heroic abilities are Seven-Sided Strike and Divine Palm, both reminiscent of powerful abilities in Diablo 3. 

The update also includes multiple updated animations, skins, and a new option for consumers in shop called Dynamic Bundles. Dynamic bundles will provide discounts for players who have already purchased some parts of a bundle without paying for the whole thing. You should also snatch up the Nexus Bundle while you can. It’s set to be removed a week after the patch update. Until then, it’ll remain as a purchasable bundle.

There’s a whole lot more to this update than what’s mentioned here – nearly two pages of patch notes. Along with updated in-game UI and Versus A.I., this new update looks very promising. In fact, the new hero is already getting some positive response from players:

To check out everything new in this patch release, you can check out the patch notes on the official website.

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