The long-awaited Hextech Crafting system is finally here.

Hextech Crafting in League of Legends has Arrived

The long-awaited Hextech Crafting system is finally here.

Riot Games has released its Hextech Crafting and loot system on the NA server! League of Legends players now have the opportunity to earn special chests and keys that unlock shards, essence, and rare gems. Keys and chests are dropped following a stellar performance from anyone in their own party. Collected drops from the system can be used in a variety of ways — to unlock champions, skins, or ward skins.

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While anyone in North America can get crafting right now, our EU brethren will have to wait a bit longer to start crafting and collecting loot. 

Right, I get the basics, but how does this new system work exactly?

 A Hextech Crafting chest is rewarded through the champion mastery system when anyone in your premade group, or yourself, receives an S- ranking or higher. Players can receive up to four chests a month and one chest per champion a season.

Keys are dropped by winning a game and the drop rate for keys increase with the more members you have in a premade group. Additionally, keys and chests can be purchased through the new Hextech Crafting store.

Once you have a chest and a key, you can open the chest to receive a random cosmetic or champion shard. Cosmetic and champion essence is also randomly dropped from chests. Afterwards, you can combine essence with a shard to permanently unlock the skin or champion shard you received. The client also has a seven-day rental option to rent shards and a disenchant option to scrap a shard for more essence. If you are feeling lucky, you can also reroll to permanently unlock a random shard specific to the type that was re-rolled.

Still unsure what this all means? Check out the YouTube video below for an in-depth look at the new Hextech Crafting system works.


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