Hi-Rez's very first mobile game went live in the App Store this morning.

Hi-Rez to launch new mobile platformer today

Hi-Rez's very first mobile game went live in the App Store this morning.

Hi-Rez, the makers of SMITE and the upcoming team shooter Paladins, is launching their very first mobile game on iOS devices today. The new game, dubbed Jetpack Fighter, is a free-to-play platformer that aims to give gamers a full-fledged action game experience on a mobile device.

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Check out the trailer below:

Jetpack Fighter will feature a swipe-to-move interface that gives the player total movement and directional control over six unique fighters.

Here’s a peek at each playable character: 

These characters will go exactly where the player swipes, and the player can interrupt the character’s movements at any time. Players will have to swipe their way past obstacles and smash through robot enemies to earn loot and finish level missions. Each of the six available fighters comes equipped with an upgradable weapon and an ultimate skill, or Super. These Supers are activated through a quick press/hold before swiping like usual. 

The goal of Jetpack Fighter is to reach the end of each stage and destroy the core to finish that level. Upon completion, the game will reward players according do their level of success — run time, hits taken, combos executed, etc. 

The game also includes a robust crafting system that allows players to upgrade even the most basic equipment to legendary status. Completing missions and special game modes earns the player blueprints, the bots they kill drop loot (better loot for better combos), and successful kills and level completion earns coins. All of these are used to augment weapons to astounding degrees — sawblade greatsword, anyone? 

Being a competitively-minded company, Hi-Rez added a competitive aspect to this game, as it has with all its other IPs. Jetpack Fighter will feature a 1-on-1 asynchronous Challenge Mode, where you compete against an opponent for the best level score. 

But that’s not all…

Fans of SMITE will recognize a special unlockable character in the game. Players who link their Jetpack Fighter account to their main Hi-Rez account will unlock Nemesis, the Goddess of Vengeance, as a playable character. This will also unlock a special skin for Nemesis in SMITE as well, based on the fighter Leona from the mobile game. This skin has all-new voice acting, and battle music that’s pulled straight from Jetpack Fighter. Take a look at the new skin:

Jetpack Fighter released to the App Store this morning for all English-speaking countries. It is initially only available for iPhone, but Hi-Rez has promised that the game will be coming to Android as soon as possible. They also plan to release localized versions to European countries within the next month or so. 

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