Hold On To Your Cupcakes: WildStar Blasts Into Open Beta

WHOA NELLY! WildStar has officially launched into Open Beta! Are you ready for 10 days of AWESOME?!

WildStar has officially blasted into Open BETA!  Open BETA will not only give players a taste of Nexus but there are spoils to be collected!  Simply log into the BETA event once and receive the limited Highwayman Costume at launch.  

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Log in each day and receive a Boom-Box containing a random reward which can be opened at Launch.  The Boom Boxes may contain special mounts such as the Savage Warpig, Luminious Equivar (essentially shiny horse), The Entertainer Set (a motorcycle with a disco ball), or other special costumes.    

What Is WildStar?

Wildstar has gained a lot of notoriety the past two years and is coming out as a heavy contender against World of Warcraft.  Most recently WildStar was named “One of the Greatest Games of 2014” by PCGamer and “Best In Show for PAX East 2014” by MMORPG.com.  Over at PCGamesn.com, Tim Frost wrote; “Why Wildstar is the true heir to World of Warcraft’s legacy an article backed up with some solid evidence on the WildStar vs. WoW argument.   

The Community

On top of that, the community is filled with some of the wackiest and helpful players I have ever seen.  TeamLegacy a leading WildStar guild has put together a wonderful program called “No Fan Left Behind”.  The program is uniting guilds across Nexus to provide point of contacts for new players, additionally there is an open TeamSpeak being offered for all players and guilds!     

Not Quite Sold Yet?

If you aren’t quite sold or are just tired of buying the newest WoW killer, than grab a BETA key and land in Nexus.  Getting in is easy; if you played in a BETA event previously just patch your client, if you are new simply head over to Wildstar-Online.com and grab a key!  You have 10 “awesomesauce” filled days to get a feel for WildStar, its crazy community and overall snarky sense of humor.

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