Sequel Homefront: Revolution is almost here. Will you fight for the cause?

Homefront Rebels are you ready? You betta get ready!

Sequel Homefront: Revolution is almost here. Will you fight for the cause?

The open world first person shooter game, Homefront: The Revolution is ready to get down and the dirty with the company that took advantage of their trust, APEX. APEX is a once beloved company that provides all the latest and greatest technology to gain the people’s trust. Once they had the citizens eating out the palm of their hands, they took advantage of them and overthrew society! Now… we fight.

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Don’t be an idle citizen in a land in which North Korea has taken over the United States. Fight through maps and liberate cities using weapons provided by APEX. Now, the enemy still has the advantage. While you are scrounging up weapons from APEX, they are coming out with newer technology that can annihilate you — unless you can round up some rebels and create a plan. Invite your friends to be a part of your Resistance Cell with the co-op campaign.

As the newest rebel, check out the Interactive Timeline to see events dating back to 1953 such as the U.S.’s involvement in the Korean War and how that affects the now fallen US society.

Don’t forget to link your website account to your Steam, PlayStation Network, or Microsoft. The benefits of linking your accounts is earning in-game merits through the website.

How to earn Merits:

  • Sign into your Homefront account on the website (desktop or mobile)
  • Visit the Merits section to see which ones are available to earn
  • Perform the action requires to earn a Merit

Merits help you get costume gear to revolt in style.

Yuck, it smells like big business — big APEX business. Are you ready to revolt? Homefront: The Revolution is available May 17 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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