Various patch updates are coming for Homefront: The Revolution to fix current problems, according to developer Dambuster Studios.

Homefront: The Revolution Getting Performance and Stability Patches

Various patch updates are coming for Homefront: The Revolution to fix current problems, according to developer Dambuster Studios.

Upon its release on May 17, Homefront: The Revolution had a number of issues that needed addressing by Deep Silver’s Dambuster Studios. Many of these problems have indeed been noticed by the developers, and they’re now working to resolve them through some performance and stability patches, according to a post on Homefront: The Revolution‘s official forums by community manager Craig Turner.

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One of these technical problems is a game-breaking bug caused by a “minor” patch that prevented some PlayStation 4 users from progressing further in the game. Dambuster Studios had those affected send their save files and other valuable information to help them with fixing said problem. A patch update to is now being worked on and is on its way.

There was also another issue with saving, in that checkpoint saves in the open world kept disrupting the flow of gameplay in exploration, acquiring missions, and completing missions. The developers have since reduced the frequency of these checkpoints, and removed duplicate checkpoints that happen in quick succession. The latter is likely what causes most of these save stalls.

And it’s not just players on the PS4 that are having problems; Xbox One has issues with DLCs.

Content from The Revolutionary Spirit Pack and Liberty Pack can’t be obtained by some Xbox One players, prompting the developers to work with Microsoft to resolve it. As of now, the DLCs should be unlocking correctly. Those who still can’t access them are advised to delete and re-install the affected DLC items, then restart the game.

There are also other DLCs that aren’t unlocking as they should, although it’s due to a different issue. The Right Kind of School and Supply Line bonus DLCs from the Expansion Pass are reportedly the problematic ones here, and developers are now working on fixing this as well.

Aside from problems with the content, there are also problems with game performance and stability in general. What Dambuster mostly touched on was the crashes on the PS4 version of the game. However, many of the bugs involved are said to be cross platform, so whatever fixes come out from  PlayStation will apply to PC and Xbox One as well.

Other than that, the forum post states that the developers are working on performance improvements and other optimizations as well. Erratic frame rates had been reported on launch, as well as graphical glitches and even some peculiarities with the AI. Suffice to say, there’s a significant number of things that Dambusters should be working on in Homefront: The Revolution.

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