HoN Hacker May Go After League of Legends Next

As if getting the information of Heroes of Newerth players wasn't bad enough, the hacker behind yesterday's HoN attack is now threatening to shift his focus elsewhere: League of Legends.

The hacker behind the Heroes of Newerth fiasco has been keeping tabs and actively replying to the Reddit AMA thread he started yesterday. As if getting the information of HoN players wasn’t enough, he is now threatening to shift his focus elsewhere: League of Legends.

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The hacker, named Ryan_HTP, took the time to brag in the Reddit thread through last night, and gave some information about himself. He claims to be a network security engineer located in Belarus. He also claimed that he had initially hacked into S2’s database last Friday, but wanted attention from the company and went about taking control of notable players of the Heroes of Newerth community to get it.

League of Legends account holders may want to get ready for some turmoil over on their side of the internet as well. The hacker may be targeting League of Legends next if some of his claims in the thread are legitimate.

This situation is by no means over yet, as it seems there are still some holes in S2’s security. HoN players are encouraged to change their passwords immediately and keep on alert for another attack.

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