Hoopa event information for Pokemon games

The Hoopa Black Friday event is now available at select Nintendo Zone locations!

After CoroCoro leaks, data mining, and a whole lot of speculation, it’s finally time for fans to receive and battle with the djinn Pokémon itself, Hoopa! 

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The Black Friday Pokémon event has officially begun, and will run through December 23rd. Hoopa is exclusive to Nintendo WiFi locations, but it’s even more specific than that. Instead of the usual Best Buy or GameStop you might normally head to in order to receive your gifts, you’ll need to hike over to McDonald’s this time around. That’s right, McDonald’s. Kind of a weird choice, no? Other countries allow players to go to GameStop to pick up Hoopa, but it’s not that way for U.S. this time.

In any case, this is pretty huge dea,l seeing how long fans have been waiting to use the new legendary Pokémon. Players can receive Hoopa by connecting to the store’s free WiFi, selecting “Mystery Gift” and then “Get Via Internet.” It’s only available for Pokémon X and Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Hoopa is an incredibly unique Pokémon that has access to an all new move: Hyperspace Hole! The new creature also has two different forms that it can switch between by making use of an item called the Prison Bottle. When holding it, the default Hoopa Confined will become the Psychic/Dark type Hoopa Unbound.

Hoopa is available now, so be sure to head over to your nearest McDonald’s and get acquainted with the newest addition to the Pokémon universe!

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