Hotline Miami is being released for PS3 and PS Vita

Man, this trailer is weird. Should you get Hotline Miami? Heck yes.

Man, this trailer is weird. Should you get Hotline Miami? Heck yes.
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Hotline Miami isn’t a video game. Okay, it is, but dang the trailer doesn’t make it seem like one. With an affinity for blood, black and white colors and the absurd (think Bunny masks), this game’s trailer makes you uncertain from the get go. And that’s the way the developers like it.

Originally designed as a 2D top-down action game in 2012, news has broken that Hotline: Miami is also releasing on the PS3 and PS Vita on June 25th, for a cool $9.99. The game that has won numerous accolades and some of the strangest reviews you’ll ever seen is definitely worth your buy at that price.

You know, just for the experience. Just check out what some people have to say about it, based on reviews posted on its website:  

“Everyone I spoke to at Rezzed about this game got a slightly dreamy, obsessed look in their faces whilst talking about it, like they were recalling a particularly good acid trip.”

-Cara Ellison

“This steely-eyed, hyper-speed, entirely unforgiving, GTA-as-puzzle/Hitman-as-suicidal-psychopath work of bloody art stood out a mile even at a show already full of wonders.” 
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Hotline Miami is the kind of risque, crazy and dangerous game that the developers at Rockstar believe that they’ve been making since Grand Theft Auto 3, but in comparison they’ve been releasing the Disney Channel equivalent. That is not hyperbole, that is just cold, hard facts.”
Dave Walsh (

The game won numerous awards for being the most talked about thing pretty much everywhere it went, so that’s good. Were you waiting for an invitation to try it out? Well, maybe playing it on the console of your choice – as opposed to the PC – is the convincing you’ve needed this whole time to get started.

In case you want to see what the game is actually about, instead of just the crazy trailer, well, here’s some actual gameplay footage for you.

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