How Fast Can You Spend $2,500?

Not as fast as this kid can.

Not as fast as this kid can.
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Sure, it may be cute and funny–but the reality is I knew this would happen, and it does. Frequently. Maybe not to this extent but this situation is far more common than some would like to admit.

Danny Kitchen managed to spend $2,500 in ten minutes when handed his parents’ iPad to play games on.

Look at his smug little face.

So how did a 5 year old rack up such an expensive bill in just 10 minutes? He purchased one bundle of 333 keys, one of 90,000 darts, and another of 333 bombs that each cost 69.99 GBP ($105 USD). A number of smaller purchases added up to the final total.

Luckily, the cost was refunded to the family, but that was only on Apple’s mercy. Refunds like this are not required under the TOS and may even be denied, depending on your case.


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