How I Met Your Mother To Become RPG

The bold new game no one wanted.

In a startling revelation, How I Met Your Mother creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bay have just announced their plan to transfer their television series into a role-playing format.

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This shocking news comes after a mere 24 hours of the show’s ending, however the writers seem immensely enthusiastic about the proposition.”

“We just want to keep milking that golden goose.”

Thomas proclaimed.

“It’s truly remarkable,” Bay justified,” With the use of a video game medium, we can finally express all our plot elements and unique stories we weren’t previously incapable of doing on the small screen.  We want to immerse the player in lavish adventures with the HIMYM gang.”

Bay went on to explain some of the wild stories the player would embark on, such as working together with the character of Barney to find more iterations of the word legendary.

“Ted grumbling about his failed love life would act as a sort of game over screen whenever the player would die.” Thomas added.

A mist the bombshells dropped, there was also talk of day one downloadable content, With access to Bob Saget’s narrations for one dollar, or the complete library of Barney’s suit armada skyrocketing all the way up to a whopping 20 dollars.

What are your thoughts on this controversal new proposal? Leave all your comments down below.

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