An insight about online gaming industry and worth.

How Much Is The Online Gaming Industry Worth?

An insight about online gaming industry and worth.
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Over the past decade online gaming has grown exponentially into one of the most lucrative avenues for developers to pursue.

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With millions of gamers logging on to compete each and every day, the potential revenue for a business is massive, but how much is the gaming space actually worth? And who is leading the way in terms of pushing online gaming forward?

Web hosting experts 100TB have created a new infographic to help visualise the monetary value of this booming industry and answer these questions for anyone interested in the business side of the gaming industry.

For example, did you know…

  • Tencent games has a market cap of around $246 billion, making it the biggest gaming company in the world.
  • $36.9 billion of the online gaming market share is estimated to originate from the mobile market.
  • League of Legends is the most popular online game with an estimated 27 million active players every day. In 2014 the games earned $1.3 billion in digital revenue.
  • eSports continues to rise in popularity, with global revenue expected to reach $1.1 billion in 2018.
  • Saahil Arora, a pro gamer known as UNiVeRsE has earned $2,631,245 playing online battle arena game Dota 2.

You can take a look at the infographic below…

How Much Is The Online Gaming Industry Worth?
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