How to get ‘Hot Ryu’, ‘Goth Bison’, and other Street Fighter 5 exclusive costumes

Pre-order from these sites to get exclusive Street Fighter V outfits.

Pre-order from these sites to get exclusive Street Fighter V outfits.
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The beard look is in, at least if you’re a ripped, shirtless world warrior. Capcom has announced its Street Fighter V pre-order “battle costumes,” including Ryu’s beard outfit, now trending as #hotryu.

Here’s where to get your hands on him… them. I mean them. The costumes.

GameStop: Hot Ryu

Pre-order from Game Stop to get Ryu’s beard costume. His white pants are torn and soiled and his black belt is faded. The beard, however, is perfectly trimmed.

PlayStation Store/PC Digital: Sexy Chun-li

If Ryu isn’t your style, pre-order either on PlayStation or PC to get Chun Li’s revealing black dress. Normally, slippers would hinder one’s butt-kicking abilities; but with quads like those, her kicks aren’t going to land softly.

Best Buy: Backpacker Cammy

Equipped with backpack and utility belt, Cammy’s Best Buy pre-order outfit looks like she’s equipped for a survival mission. The ski goggles suggest a high altitude mission, but she probably should have packed long pants.

Amazon: Goth M. Bison

Remember that one kid in high school who always wore a black trench coat? Pre-order from Amazon to get an M. Bison with an even better coat! Complete with black chain and gold skulls, Bison has truly embraced the classic villain look in his old age.

Not impressed with any of them? Well, some people just have higher standards.

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