Huge Sale for Hero Mechs this Weekend

Hero Mech Sale on the Ilya Muromets, Fang & Flame!

Hero Mech Sale on the Ilya Muromets, Fang & Flame!

Great news Mechwarrior fans! Another spectacular sale has come to MWO for Hero mechs Ilya Muromets(Cataphract), Fang and Flame(Dragon mechs). With all three mechs being 30%, makes for a cheap deal for exspensive mechs. The Fang and Flame are now both only 3150 MC and the Ilya Muromets at just 3675 MC! A decrease of over a 1000 MC for each mech.

And that’s not all, MWO decided it was best to make standard and premium blue colors at 50% off! If you don’t like blue, they went nuts and put digital camo at half off as well. When you want that kickass Hero mech, they hooked everybody up by doubling the GXP conversion rate to help with maxing out your mechs.

If you want to get a new Hero mech, some new colors or even boost up your mechs, get on Mechwarrior Online today through June the 11th. I can’t wait to shoot some robots in the face!

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