Friendship becomes the greatest tool as HuK and MC become Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015 champions

Huk and MC Win Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015

Friendship becomes the greatest tool as HuK and MC become Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015 champions

It was an exciting weekend for the Starcraft 2 eSports scene. Over the weekend, 8 players partnered up to become one player in the very first Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Archon Mode tournament.

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Over one long Saturday Bomber, MMA, viOLet, MaSa, HuK, MC, DongRaeGu, and True fought it out to see which teamed worked together the best. Players partnered up amongst themselves through all sorts of reasons from convenience of finding a player who plays the same race to members of the same pro teams. However, in the end it was two players who teamed up because they were friends that brought it all together.

HuK and MC were able to defeat Bomber and MMA in the first matches of the day winning 3 out of 5 games. After that was viOLet and MaSa, which was a quick first two matches, but after a huge 3rd game, HuK and MC were able to seal the win.

In the Final round, they had to face Bomber and MMA one last time. Bomber and MMA were able to win in the first round however, the following three rounds went to HuK and MC to become champions of Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015. 

As for how this team came to fruition HuK himself had requested MC come out of retirement for one last tournament not only because he knew that MC was a great protoss player, but also because they were close friends back when HuK was playing in Korea for Team Liquid. With all the different ways that players had partnered up, it seems that the bond of friendship was able to create the ultimate Archon.

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