Humble THQ Bundle Ends; Tops $5 Million in Proceeds

The Humble THQ Bundle ended its run on Wednesday night, pulling in over $5 million with proceeds going to THQ, Humble Bundle, the Red Cross and Child's Play, or all of them. 885,285 people took advantage of the promotion.
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And that’s a wrap for the massively popular (and equally controversial) Humble THQ Bundle

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The promotion ended its run on Wednesday night with 885,285 bundles sold for a grand total of $5,097,437.82. In the first 24 hours alone, the Humble THQ Bundle soared, garnering $2 million.

THQ president Jason Rubin ended the night as the top donor, chipping in $11,050 during the Bundle’s run. $10,000 of that was a last minute donation. THQ CEO Brian Farrell also made a big splash, shelling out $1,650.

The average bundler didn’t reach those heights, however. By the end, the average donation was $5.67. Contributing below that magic “average” mark bagged fans Darksider, Metro 2033 (currently free on Facebook), Company of Heroes (and expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor). 

Hitting or exceeding the average mark netted donors Saints Row The Third, Titan Quest, and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, and Red Faction: Armageddon DLC, in addition to the other five titles.

The Humble THQ Bundle stayed just behind Humble Indie Bundle V in total earnings. Humble Indie Bundle V included highly acclaimed indie titles like Limbo, Psychonauts, Superbrothers, Amnesia, and Bastion, and pulled in over $5.1 million with about $600,000 bundles sold. 

Humble THQ Bundle donors chose whether their contribution went to benefit the financially troubled THQ, the folks at Humble Bundle, charities like Child’s Play and the Red Cross, or all of them.

This was definitely a great move for THQ. They got some great press out of it, their stock prices rose, and they surely got a bit of the proceeds. Good luck to them as they pull themselves out of the financial hole they’re in.

If you liked this Humble Bundle, go to their site and sign up for updates about upcoming packages.

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