Get yer' Zelda jammies here! Zelda jammies! Get em' while they're hot!

Hyrule never looked so good, or so comfy!

Get yer' Zelda jammies here! Zelda jammies! Get em' while they're hot!
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That’s right folks, Zelda jammies are here and they are selling out fast! Merchiod just revealed the latest in their Legend of Zelda clothing line — the Zelda Lullaby Ladies Nightwear Set. The set will run you $24.99 and ships from the UK.

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Their Zelda line includes everything from belts to bikini’s. And the description on their website has a bit of flair to it as well:

Well, Link can’t awaken unless he’s asleep first.

  • A long day of adventuring deserves a long, comfy sleep
  • Comes in Link-y green because…well, because of course it does
  • Shorts, baggy neck and cap sleeves for summer nights that get hotter than the Fire Realm
  • Pair with an elf nightcap to complete the look!
  • Covered in Hylian crests – usually reserved for royalty – so you can feel like a real twilight princess
  • Offers no guarantee that pesky Navi won’t wake you up (grr)

If you’re not into the Legend of Zelda, many other fabulous game inspired items can be found on their website as well. They have items from many major franchises, incuding Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Assassin’s Creed. 

The Zelda Lullaby Ladies Nightwear Set is available now, but when last I checked they were low on stock, so if you love Legend of Zelda and you love comfy pajamas, now is the time.

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