Hyrule Warriors: Legends Link’s Awakening DLC comes out soon

New DLC brings the Ballad of the Windfish to the Battlefield

A new trailer for Hyrule Warriors: Legends upcoming DLC pack Link’s Awakening was released earlier today. It sees the return of Marin from Link’s Awakening, an adventurous girl who encourages and aids Link on his quest to awaken the Wind Fish so he might return to Hyrule.

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In the trailer we see that Linkle is getting the Pegasus Boots as a new weapon, letting her utilize high-speed kicks in dealing with a horde of enemies. Also featured is Koholint Island, the setting of Link’s Awakening, which will be an Adventure Mode map. And if you’re a 3DS user, there are so fifteen costumes for ‘My Fairy’.

So, who is Marin?

Marin was the replacement for Zelda in Link’s Awakening. She’s Link’s companion and friend throughout his brief stay on Koholint. A spunky outdoors girl, she was never really much of a fighter, and her chief role in the game was to teach Link the Ballad of the Wind Fish, which was crucial in his quest. The trailer shows her summoning the Wind Fish for several of her moves, smashing through their enemies.

I don’t want to spoil Link’s Awakening for anyone who hasn’t played it, in case this DLC makes you curious enough to visit it, but I’m interested in seeing if they’ll explain why or how Marin’s showing up. The events of Link’s Awakening make it odd for her to pop up outside of that game.

The Link’s Awakening Pack DLC will be releasing June 30th.

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