Hyrule Warriors Ships One Million Units Worldwide

Hyrule Warriors reached a milestone recently.

Hyrule Warriors, the hack and slash Zelda adventure, reached a milestone in that the game shipped one million units worldwide. Fans will be able to get more for the game with the upcoming downloadable content pack. The downloadable content will coincide with Majora’s Mask coming to the 3DS in February. Tingle and Young Link with the Fierce Deity mask will be two unlockable characters in the Downloadable content pack.

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Hyrule Warriors is a Wii U exclusive title and success shows that the Wii U can succeed. Hyrule Warriors will follow the footsteps of successful Wii U games like Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart 8. It also shows that Nintendo shouldn’t be afraid to allow companies to take the beloved franchises into different directions like Hyrule Warriors did with the Legend of Zelda. It has already been mentioned that Pokémon and Super Mario could get the mash-up treatment if Hyrule Warriors succeeded and last time I checked, Hyrule Warriors did succeed!

It would be interesting to see Super Mario go in this direction but Pokémon has somewhat already gotten this treatment with Pokémon Conquest. It may have already happened but it would show Nintendo is ready to take risks again like the good old days!

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