I Found Pepe achievement now live in World of Warcraft!

“I Found Pepe” achievement now live in World of Warcraft

I Found Pepe achievement now live in World of Warcraft!

Months after it was announced, the I Found Pepe achievement is now live in World of Warcraft! Travel the lands of Draenor and find the four costumed Pepes to unlock their outfits for your own personal Pepe, as well as the achievement upon unlocking all four.

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This achievement features Pepe, the small bird found in your level 3 garrison. Pepe can be caught, resulting in an hour-long buff that displays the adorable little bird perched on one’s head. Pepe was found to be unexpectedly popular, resulting in the addition of the What A Strange, Interdimensional Trip It’s Been achievement in 6.1, granting players a toy which allows them to summon Pepe on the fly. (Pun not intended, honestly.)

In 6.2, it was announced that four costumes were being added for Pepe, and that finding all four Pepes in the wild and unlocking their respective costumes would grant the I Found Pepe achievement. Although it was assumed that the achievement had gone live with the launch of 6.2, Blizzard later confirmed that the achievement had not yet been put in the game.

On October 13th, 2015, Blizzard began tweeting pictures of a plush Pepe in various locations around the Blizzard offices with the hashtag #IFoundPepe. They released a blog post announcing that the I Found Pepe achievement had finally gone live – and that a plush Pepe (complete with foot clips allowing them to be attached to headbands and hats) are now available for purchase in the Blizzard store.

The four costumes available are Pirate Pepe, Ninja Pepe, Viking Pepe, and Knight Pepe.

To obtain these costumes, players must travel to each of four zones – Gorgrond, Talador, Spires of Arak, and Nagrand – and find
costumed Pepe. Clicking on the costumed Pepe will grant the player an item which, when used, will cause Pepe to have a chance to be summoned wearing that particular outfit. Which outfit he is wearing when summoned will be random among the costumes you have available. For more information on where to find Pepe (including spoilers), visit Wowhead’s I Found Pepe page.

I Found Pepe is an achievement that requires a level 3 garrison and the Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft. The Pepe plush is available from the Blizzard store for $20.

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